The importance of conversions in your eCommerce store

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Your conversion rate is hands-down the most important metric in digital marketing.

Everything you do in online marketing is designed to convert visitors to your website into paying customers for your business. And conversion rates don’t just include sales — people who make appointments, fill out contact forms, call you, and request free quotes also count as conversions. A conversion can be any desired action that brings your business closer to making a sale.

Increasing the conversion rates of your online marketing campaigns is usually the cheapest way to boost your profits.

Think of it this way — would you rather double your advertising budget in a scattergun approach, or optimise what you spend already to get more from what you do? Of course it’s the second option! Optimizing for a higher conversion rate means more bang for the buck. That’s a big reason why conversion rates are so important.

Campaigns with better conversion rates are generally more efficient than campaigns with weaker conversion rates. A higher conversion rate lets you cover more ground without increasing your ad budget, or you can reduce your ad budget and have cash leftover for testing new marketing tactics.

Creating an air-tight sales funnel is the key to boosting conversion rates. Your campaigns, your website and your sales processes need to be as in-sync as possible. As you learn which factors are most important for driving conversions on your website, you’ll eventually discover how to make your site more valuable for visitors and customers — and the benefits of this extend far beyond short-term profits.

However… don’t forget this is not the only way to measure success! For example, some people may not be on your website to buy. If you focus too much on conversion rates, you may overlook the multitude of other reasons why people visit your website. Some people may be researching products, and perhaps they’ll eventually return to become paying customers. Some may already be customers and they’re seeking support or checking on their orders. Do you maintain a blog? You may be building an audience. Don’t become so fixated on conversion rates that you forget all the other ways your website is valuable.

If you’d like some help producing a better converting website, I can perform a website audit to give you the answers your business requires. Get in touch today to find out more.